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Please join us for our wedding celebration on August 19, 2017

Our Story

It all started at a pizza joint in Menomonie, WI. She trained him in at the restaurant, and liked that he was willing to do dishes...he also liked to party. Their love grew with each pizza served, and soon they moved on from their beloved college town to bigger and better things. Madison brought American Girl dolls and substitute teaching nightmares. On to Chicago, and then New York. Teaching became programming. Fashion design became graphic design. New York left its mark, but wouldn't stick. The Midwest called us home, this time to Minneapolis. It's here we just might stay, though we know better than to make promises. A little black terrier with a curly tail has made his way into our hearts, despite countless pillows lost beyond repair.

It's been eight years since they met and life has changed a bit. But through it all, there has been and will always